DVI Fiber

Black Diamond Video’s DVI fiber receiver and transmitter are compact, single-fiber DVI cabling solutions for distances of up to 1000 meters. The DVI fiber receiver and transmitter modules use industry standard SC type jacks for easy connection of the fiber. Additionally, the DVI fiber receiver and DVI fiber transmitter’s EDID configuration enables quick and correct synchronization of the video source to the display.

The DVI fiber receiver and DVI fiber transmitter can be combined with Black Diamond Video’s line of DVI matrix switchers, processors, converters, and cable kits to create a reliable and all-digital framework for your mission-critical projects. For more information on BDV’s line of products, please click here.

DVI Fiber Transmitter                                                  DVI Fiber Receiver

Specifications for BDV’s DVI Fiber Transmitter (TX) and DVI Fiber Receiver (RX) Modules:

Format: DVI Single-Link

Pixel Clock Rate: Up to 165 MHz

Resolutions: Up to 1920×1200

Connectors: DVI-I, SC


  • DVI Fiber Transmitter: Pin-power or external supply
  • DVI Fiber Receiver: External supply
  • Operating Voltage :+5V
  • Operating Current: 160ma
  • Operating Temperature: 0 -+70C

Weight: Approximately 3 oz.


  • Height: 1.5 cm
  • Width: 4.0 cm
  • Depth: 7.5 cm