DVI Switcher

Black Diamond Video’s DVI switchers, processors, video wall processors, signal converters, and 4K displays facilitate the all digital infrastructure necessary for hospital operating rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, network operation/command centers, entertainment venues, and briefing facilities.


Black Diamond Video’s CXPS is the first all-digital DVI and fiber switcher to offer post-output scaling, seamless switching, multi-view windowing, video wall processing, and more in a single 6U device. CXPS features include enhanced EDID management, cable equalization, and pixel re-clocking. The CXPS can act as a single-link DVI switcher for flexible input/output configurations from 4×4 to 36×36, and a dual-link DVI switcher for configurations from 4×4 to 20×20.

To schedule a demonstration of the CXPS DVI switcher, click here.


The SXPS is an all-digital DVI switcher that provides seamless switching  capability in a single 2U unit. The SXPS acts as a single and dual-link DVI switcher for flexible I/O configurations, including 16×4, 16×8, 12×4, 12×8, 12×12, 8×12, 4×12, 8×16, and 4×16 configurations.

To schedule a demonstration of the SXPS DVI switcher, click here.

Phantom 800

Black Diamond Video’s Phantom 800 is an all-digital single-link DVI video processor and DVI switcher. The Phantom 800 combines DVI routing, seamless switching, output scaling, and frame grabs into a single 2U unit. The Phantom 800’s image-control features, including: contrast, brightness, programmable LUTS, pan, zoom, position, frame freezes and frame-grab controls.

To schedule a demonstration of the Phantom 800 DVI switcher, click here.


Black Diamond Video’s XPS PRO1000 is a non-blocking 8×8 DVI switcher that supports single-link DVI operation at the maximum TMDS rate of 1.65 Gb/s. The XPS PRO1000 supports input and output resolutions from 640×480 to 1920×1200. XPS PRO1000′s enhanced features include non-blocking crosspoint DVI switching architecture, pixel re-clocking, advanced EDID management, and RS232 and Ethernet control.

To schedule a demonstration of the XPS PRO1000 DVI switcher, click here.