HD SDI to DVI Converter

By converting any SDI source to DVI with a Black Diamond Video HD SDI to DVI Converter, the same level of cabling, switching, and scaling can be applied to any source without the need for multi-format switches and cables. Black Diamond Video has created a complete DVI architecture for high-resolution video signal processing. This digital infrastructure includes DVI image processors, DVI routers, and long-distance DVI copper cabling that can be utilized by anyone who is using an SDI source with the help of an HD SDI to DVI Converter.

Black Diamond Video’s HD SDI to DVI Converters simplify installation because only one cable and one matrix switch or signal processor is needed to handle any video source. Each HD SDI to DVI converter may be AC or phantom powered depending on your needs. Black Diamond Video’s HD SDI to DVI Converters allow customers to use any serial digital interface video source today with the ability to upgrade to DVI in the future at their own pace.

Our Dual Rate Serial Digital Interface to DVI Converter’s features include:

-          SD-SDI or HD-SDI to DVI converter

-          Signal types supported: SDI, HD-SDI

-          AC or phantom powered

We also offer a line of Analog to DVI Converters, including:

Standard Definition Analog to DVI Converter

-          NTSC/PAL to DVI converter

-          Signal types supported: Composite, S-Video, YPrPb

-          AC or phantom powered

RGB / YUV Analog to DVI Converter

-          25MHz to 165MHz pixel clock range supports all VESA formats

-          Signal types supported: RGB, RGBS, RGBHV

-          AC or phantom powered