Operating Room Integration

Operating room integration has become a key component of the rapidly-growing revolution of medical information technology. Increasingly, surgeons are looking for the most efficient methods of controlling, sending and receiving video imagery from the operating room. As a frontrunner in operating room integration, Black Diamond Video’s innovative operating room integration technology has quickly taken the medical market by storm.

Black Diamond Video’s operating room integration solution is the Integrated Digital Surgical Suite (IDSS). The IDSS provides a streamlined, all-digital, high-resolution video routing and display solution for OR’s, hybrid rooms, catheterization suites, interventional suites, and EPS labs.

BDV’s operating room integration solution can be configured with audio and video routing, printing, recording, video windowing, and an array of other capabilities. The intuitive touch panel controls video sources, including: endoscopes, microscopes, cameras, PACS, ultrasound, C arms, and other equipment.

Signature features of BDV operating room integration include:


  • All-digital, high-resolution video routing.
  • Up to 36 x 36 single-link DVI and 20 x 20 dual-link DVI routing and signal processing.
  • Quad DVI windowing.
  • Automatic recognition and labeling of all devices.


  • Audio matrix mixer with noise suppression, feedback and echo cancellation.
  • Connect iPod, CD player, satellite radio, and wireless microphone.


  • H.264 server with MPEG-4 AVC compression, 1080p frame capture and 1080p video recording.

Video Teleconferencing

  • Direct fiber routing to local conference rooms and auditoriums.
  • MPEG 4 compression with network-based video routing to remote sites.
  • Core router distribution of video from multiple operating rooms to multiple sites.

Simple operation and uncompromised image quality are the hallmarks of Black Diamond Video’s operating room integration. Please click here to request a demonstration of the IDSS operating room integration solution.

Operating Room Integration