Video Wall Controller

With the aid of a video wall controller, you can display video from one source on several displays at once, which work together in unison to create one very large display screen, or “wall”. Because of their eye-catching size and ability to display large amounts of information, video walls are the perfect backdrop for surveillance and simulation in control rooms, impressive audiovisual exhibits, and presentations in large venues.

Unlike our competitors, every Black Diamond Video wall controller provides a space and cost efficient solution for all of your DVI switching and processing needs. Black Diamond Video’s line of DVI video wall controllers are unique from competitors’ products because each unit also provides a wide array of other functions and special effects, including DVI matrix switching, video scaling, windowing, fading and dissolving.

Black Diamond Video’s CXPS can create and control a wall as large as 36 displays, as well as control switching assignments, generate windows, and perform special effects across up to 36 outputs.

Black Diamond Video’s line of world-class video wall controllers offers unparalleled video quality, range functionality, and ease of use.