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36×36 DVI Matrix Switcher

The CXPS is the first all-digital DVI switcher to offer dual-link DVI matrix routing, video scaling, seamless switching, multi viewer processing, video wall processing, and USB matrix routing in a single 6U device. The CXPS provides advanced capabilities that include enhanced EDID management, flexible input/output configurations, cable equalization, and pixel re-clocking.

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12×12 DVI Matrix Switcher

The SXPS is the only configurable DVI switcher that provides single link DVI matrix switching , dual link DVI matrix switching, and USB matrix switching. SXPS advanced capabilities include enhanced EDID management, flexible input and output configurations, cable equalization, and pixel re-clocking.

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Phantom 800

8×8 DVI Matrix Switcher with Scaling

The Phantom 800 is the only 8×8 DVI matrix switcher with scaling outputs. Advanced features include enhanced EDID management, flexible input and output configurations, cable equalization, and pixel re-clocking, and video frame capture.

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8×8 DVI Matrix Switcher

The XPS Pro1000 is a non-blocking single-link 8×8 DVI matrix switch that supports single-link DVI operation at the maximum TMDS rate of 1.65 Gb/s, with input and output resolutions from 640×480 to 1920×1200.

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DVI X-Treme Cable Kits

Alternative to Fiber Optic Cable

DVI X-treme Cable Kits provide single-link or dual-link DVI transmission over 60 meters of copper at the highest TMDS rate of 1.65 Gb/s. Single-link resolutions supported include 1920×1200 and dual-link resolutions include 3840×2400.

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DVI Converters

Analog to Digital Video Signal Converters

Black Diamond Video’s DVI CONVERTER series converts any analog video source to digital video without the need for multi-format switches and cables.

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DVI Fiber RX & Fiber TX

DVI Fiber Receiver and Transmitter

Black Diamond Video’s DVI to fiber transmitters and receivers are a compact single fiber DVI cabling solution for distances up to 1500′. EDID configuration enables quick and correct synchronization of the video source to the display. The transmitter and receiver modules use industry standard SC type jacks for easy connection of the fiber.

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DVI Splitter

DVI Signal Splitter

Black Diamond Video’s compact DVI DL-DA Splitter provides single-link or dual-link DVI distribution amplification. The DVI DL-DA Splitter can route DVI signals from one signal source to up to two DVI display devices.

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CXPS External Control Panel

The CXPS-XY-CP is a hybrid remote control panel that can be used to control CXPS switching function. The CXPS-XY-CP is scalable and can control a CXPS matrix of 4×4 up to 36×36.

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USB Extender

The USB-X offers both USB extension and seamless USB matrix switching for mission critical display projects.

The USB-X is a four port USB extension solution that facilitates USB mouse, keyboard, and touch panel (HID) connection over a distance of up to 100 meters over CAT5 point-to-point, and, depending on configuration, from 550 meters to over 100 kilometers over fiber point-to-point. Connect USB-X modules to a network switch for USB extension over LAN connection over a virtually unlimited distance.

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